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Center for Population Biology (CPB)

Faculty Listing by Research Specialty

Community Ecology
Evolutionary Ecology/Life History Strategies
Molecular Evolution
Population and Quantitative Genetics
Population Dynamics
Population Interactions
Systematics and Comparative Biology

Population Dynamics

Marissa Baskett
Louis Botsford
Jennifer Gremer
Susan Harrison
Alan Hastings
Sharon P. Lawler
Kevin J. Rice
Maureen L. Stanton
Donald R. Strong Jr.
Sebastian Schreiber

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Systematics and Comparative Biology

Monique Borgerhoff Mulder
Jonathan Eisen
James Griesemer
Brian Johnson
Artyom Kopp
Richard McElreath
Brian Moore
Bruce Rannala
H. Bradley Shaffer
Arthur M. Shapiro
Michael Turelli
Peter C. Wainwright
Philip Ward

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