CPB Postdoc Workshops

  • 2017 CPB Synthesis Workshop on the Intersection of Natural Selection and Reproductive Isolation, Kathleen Ferris
  • 2017 Introductory GIS Workshop in R, Kelsey Lyberger (Population Biology Graduate Student, UC Davis)
  • 2016 Disaster Stories: How to Embrace Failure in Science, Marjorie Weber
  • 2015 Meta-analysis of Ecological and Evolutionary Data, Heather Kharaouba
  • 2015 Questions and Methods in Ecological Genetics, sponsored by CPB, featured speakers David Lowry (Michigan State University), Jill Anderson (University of Georgia), and Neil Tsutsui (UC Berkeley)
  • 2014 Mixed-Effects Models in R, Scott Burgess
  • 2013 Phylogenetically Correct Analysis of Species Data in Ecology and Evolution, Luke Mahler
  • 2012 6th Bay Area Population Genomics (BAPG) Meeting
  • 2012 and 2011 Crash Course in R, Yaniv Brandvain
  • 2011 Hierarchical Modeling Workshop, sponsored by CPB, featured UC Davis speakers Richard McElreath (Dept. of Anthropology; Patty Clarke (Dept. of Anthropology), Andrew Latimer (Dept. of Plant Sciences)
  • 2010 Building Personal Bioinformatics Data Assembly Pipelines, David Plachetzki
  • 2010 Bay Area Biosystematists Talk, "Recent Advancements in Methods of Species Delimitation"