Graduate Student Affiliates

Yellow Wildflowers

Blair, Logan

Graduate Program :  Integrative Genetics & Genomics

Research Interest: Origin and evolution of cis-regulatory sequences in Drosophila.

Faculty Mentor:  Artyom Kopp  Email:


Buckner, Jack

Graduate Program :  Ecology

Research Interest:  TBA

Faculty Mentor:  Marissa Baskett   Email:


Buffalo, Vincent

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Population genomic theory and methods for understanding linked selection; evolutionary quantitative genetics.

Faculty Mentor: Graham Coop   Email:


Calfee, Erin

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Genomic methods to answer questions about natural selection within hybrid zones, the evolution of reproductive isolation, and the role of admixture in natural systems.

Faculty Mentor: Graham Coop   Email:


Caplins, Serena

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: The genetic basis of different life histories through comparative transcriptomics/genomics and differential gene expression. Life histories are fascinating due to their influence over evolutionarily relevant processes, i.e., gene flow, effective population size, and fitness.

Faculty Mentor: Rick Grosberg   Email:


Clement, Dale

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Theoretical Ecology.  I am interested in eco-evolutionary community dynamics, particularly the role of evolution in community collapse.

Faculty Mentor:  Sebastian Schreiber  Email:


Contino, Colin

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Population genomics of Drosophila; genetics of adaptation, population genetics of sex-specific genes.

Faculty Mentor:  David Begun Email:


Corn, Katherine

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Functional morphology and phylogenetics to understand fish performance and diversity, particularly the relationship between evolution of functional traits and lineage diversification.

Faculty Mentor:  Peter Wainwright  Email:



De Leon, Marina

Graduate Program :  Microbiology

Research Interest: Current research focuses on chytridiomycosis in amphibians.

Faculty Mentor:  Jonathan Eisen  Email:


Elwood, Elise

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Plant ecology; distribution and causes of spread or decline of invasive and rare species.

Faculty Mentor:  Jenny Gremer  Email:


Ettinger, Cassandra

Graduate Program :  Genetic

Research Interest: Plant-microbe interactions.

Faculty Mentor:  Jonathan Eisen  Email:


Freedman, Micah

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Chemical ecology of plant-herbivore interactions, ecology and evolution of floral scent, coevolution, island biogeography.

Faculty Mentor:  Sharon Strauss  Email:


Friedman, Sarah

Graduate Program :  Ecology

Research Interest: Interested in using a combination of genetic and morphometric evidence to explore the mechanisms behind macroevolutionary processes witha particular focus on marine fish diversity.

Faculty Mentor: Peter Wainwright   Email:


Gao, Jiansi

Graduate Program : Population Biology

Research Interest: Statistical and computational phylogenetic interference with application to historical biogeography, lineage diversification and various other evolutionary processes.

Faculty Mentor:  Brian Moore  Email:


Ghose, Sonia

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: TBA

Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Eisen   Email:


Gross, Collin

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Marine community ecology, particularly community assembly and functional diversity of seagrass invertebrates and their predators.

Faculty Mentor:   Jay Stachowicz Email:


Guizar Amador, Maria Fernanda

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Interested in the evolution of secondary metabolism in plants, and how these metabolites may play a role in ecological interactions and plant evolution.

Faculty Mentor:  Santiago Ramirez  Email:


Hudson, Asher

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Behavior, host-pathogen interactions, and conservation.

Faculty Mentor:  Brian Johnson  Email:


James, Marisano

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: The visual ecology of Strepsiptera, Arthropod vision. Physiology of vision. Vision in geral. Parasites. Evolution,including that of multicellularity.

Faculty Mentor: David Begun   Email:


Johnson, Evan

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Coexistence theory, stochastic population dynamics, and equation-free methods for studying simulation models.

Faculty Mentor:  Alan Hastings  Email:


Kardish, Melissa

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Host-associated microbial communities and their effects on ecological patterns and ecosystem functioning. Specifically using the bacterial communities associated with Zostera marina, eelgrass.

Faculty Mentor: Jay Stachowicz   Email:


Kollars, Nicole

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Marine community and evolutionary ecology-particularly, plant-herbivore interactions.

Faculty Mentor: Jay Stachowicz  Email:


LaForgia, Marina

Graduate Program :  Ecology

Research Interest: Seed banks, seed dormancy, coexistence under temporally variable environments, grassland management and restoration.

Faculty Mentor:  Susan Harrison  Email:


Lashinsky, Nick

Graduate Program :  Anthropology

Research Interest: Current research interests lie largely in the development and application of statistical phylogenetic methods to questions of morphological evolution in humans and close relatives.

Faculty Mentor:  Brian Moore  Email:


Longman, Emily

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Rocky intertidal community ecology; biogeography; local adaptation; species interactions; conservation.

Faculty Mentor:  Eric Sanford  Email:


Luo, Yige

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Sexual dimorphism, pheromone evolution and species diversification in Drosophila.

Faculty Mentor: Artyom Kopp   Email:


Lyberger, Kelsey

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Feedback loops between evolution and ecology; eco-evolutionary dynamics of Anolis lizards on Caribbean islands.

Faculty Mentor:  Thomas Schoener and Sebastian Schreiber  Email:


Majane, Alex

Graduate Program :  Integrative Genetics and Genomics

Research Interest: TBA

Faculty Mentor:  David Begun  Email:


Morgan, Victoria

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Phylogenetics, connectivity, and the genetic basis of adaptation in marine invertebrates.

Faculty Mentor:  Rick Grosberg   Email:


Nelson, Hannah

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Marine ecology; particularly life history strategies and maintenance of diversity.

Faculty Mentor: Jay Stachowicz  Email:


Neylan, Isabelle

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Marine and behavioral ecology; potentially phenotypic and transgenerational plasticity.

Faculty Mentor: Jay Stachowicz  Email:


Pepi, Adam

Graduate Program :  Entomology and Nematology

Research Interest: Current research interest is broadly in population and community ecology, especially as they are affected by global climate change.

Faculty Mentor:  Richard Karban  Email:


Phillips, Alyssa

Graduate Program :  Plant Biology

Research Interest:  TBA

Faculty Mentor:  Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra   Email:


Roberts, Alexus

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest:  Functional morphology and biomechanics in fishes; specifically the evolution of systems and how this drives diversification among species.

Faculty Mentor: Peter Wainwright   Email:


Saleh, Nicholas

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Behavioral ecology, genetics, and chemical ecology of social insects and insect mating systems.

Faculty Mentor: Santiago Ramirez  Email:


Stitzer, Michelle

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Population genetics and evolutionary dynamics of transposable elements and their host genomes (primarily maize and teosinte).

Faculty Mentor:  Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra  Email:


Suglia, Elena

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest:  Plant responses to climate change, species interactions, community ecology, population genetics.

Faculty Mentor: Jenny Gremer   Email:


To, Anita

Graduate Program :  Integrative Genetics & Genomics

Research Interest: Population genetics and landscape genomics of conifer species.

Faculty Mentor: Charles Langley   Email:


Yair, Sivan

Graduate Program :  Population Biology

Research Interest: Interested in how hybridization and introgression play a role in adaptation and speciation. Plan to use statistical models to interpret patterns of genetic variation between individuals and populations to understand the evolutionary mechanisms taking place.

Faculty Mentor:  Graham Coop  Email: