Professional Research Associate Membership


How to Apply, Continued Membership, and Membership Termination

Non-faculty professional researchers (Project Scientists, Research Specialists, and others) are a valuable part of our community and are responsible for some of the best research at UC-Davis. Their participation in CPB provides continuity, facilitates the exchange of ideas and expertise among labs, and bring new dimensions to our training mission


Candidates for membership must be brought to the attention of the CPB Steering Committee by a current faculty member of the CPB (hereafter faculty sponsor). Candidates may not self-nominate. Nominations are accepted year round and voted upon only during the academic calendar (October - June).

Application Packet

Candidates are required to submit a complete dossier, which contains:

  • a current CV
  • a statement of research interests
  • a brief introduction by the candidate explaining why he/she wants to be a Professional Research Associate
  • a short nomination letter from your sponsoring faculty. (Note: Faculty may submit the nomination separate from the application packet if so desired.)

Please submit the requested materials in either Word or PDF format to the CPB administrative assistant

Membership Vote

  • CPB Steering Committee: When in receipt of the application packet, the CPB Steering Committee will vote on whether or not to grant Professional Research associate membership status.  A positive two-thirds majority vote is required to achieve membership status.
  • Candidates will be notified via e-mail of their status.

Continued Membership

  • Periodic Review:  Professional Research Associate membership is reviewed every 3 years. During the review, Professional Research Associates will be asked to describe their participation in CPB activies during the prior three year period.
  • Participation: The measure of participation is described as (but not limited to) attending the weekly Tuesday CPB Seminar Series, presenting a seminar, and participation in our Visiting Scholar workshops, committee membership, CPB/PBG related seminars, and field trips.

Termination of Membership

Professional Research Associate membership will be reviewed every 3 years, at which time Professional Research Associate members wil be sent a form that allows them to catalog their contributions to the CPB over the preceding 3 year period. The form also asks if they wish to continue their membership in the CPB. The review will give them a convenient opportunity to drop their membership and advise the administration of a pending departure.

Other members may be dropped for not completing the requirements for continued membership as outlined above in "Continued Membership".